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 Esowrap Insulation System  各种规格  

ExoWrap® Insulation System


Meets IMO Resolution MSC.61(67)
Adoption of the
international code for
application of fire test
procedures. Each
ExoWrap® Blanket
Roll is supplied with
one roll of ExoWrap®
‘Silhesive’ Tape for

Meets SOLAS Regulation ll - 2/15.2.10
“Surfaces with temperatures
above 220º C which may be
impinged as a result of a fuel
system failure shall be
properly insulated.”


ExoWrap®, the ‘one-step’ insulation system, is the quick and easy way to insulate high temperature surfaces in vessel engine rooms. ExoWrap® is a revolutionary system made from biosoluble vitreous silicate fibre which is reinforced with an outer jacket of heat sealed aluminum foil. In tape or blanket format, ExoWrap® is applied in one step eliminating the need for bulky and time consuming layered insulation. ExoWrap® can be easily removed and reinstalled by using the ExoWrap® ‘Silhesive’ Tape and is rated for use to 1,000º C max. ExoWrap® can be used throughout the engine room.


ExoWrap Insulation System product specifications chart 

ExoWrap® Tape
For use on bent and
flanged pipes in areas
where maintenance is
not a consideration and/or
space is limited. ExoWrap®
has a pressure sensitive
adhesive on the inner side
for ease of installation.


Application Instructions:

         ExoWrap Tape application diagram

1.) Remove dirt, oil, scale and excessive moisture from surface.
2.) ExoWrap® is wound around the pipe in a spiral motion using a 50% overlap to ensure good adhesion. Be sure that the foil edges are securely fastened. Ends can be secured with wire or clips if desired.


ExoWrap® Blankets
For use on straight pipes, valves, exhaust equipment, turbochargers, angled and uneven surfaces and
anywhere that insulation is required. ExoWrap® Blankets are secured with ExoWrap® ‘Silhesive’ Tape for ease of maintenance.

Application InstructionsApplication Instructions:

ExoWrap Blanket application diagram step 1 ExoWrap Blanket application diagram step 2 & 3

1.)Cut the ExoWrap® Blankets to size with a utility knife or shears. Wrap around the surface to be insulated, butting the ends together forming a seam.

2.)Secure and seal the seam with Silhesive Tape.

3.)To remove ExoWrap® Blanket, cut the Silhesive Tape and unwrap from metal surface. To reinstall, new Silhesive Tape must be applied.



    There are many advantages to EXO over a glass wool bonded with a phenolic binder.  Typical phenolic binders burn out at as low as 400F and the result is a product that falls apart once the resin is gone.  In addition, the resin smokes as it burns out and is a potential health hazard to those who are exposed to it.  EXO is mechanically needled, resin free, smoke free and maintains it strength at elevated temperatures. 


    The patented process used to manufacture EXO creates a product that is superior in high vibration / high temperature applications such as Marine Engine Room(s); Steam Pipe(s) and Exhaust Pipe(s).   By removing large shot in the process, EXO has excellent vibration resistance and is the perfect insulation for these applications.       


  The higher density EXO also has superior thermal performance and a greater safety margin for those who come in contact with the insulation.




Glass Wool with Phenolic Binder





ASTM C892 Standard Specification for High-Temperature Fiber Blanket Thermal Insulation TYPE II





Mean fiber diameter




Tensile Strength


 Zero once the resin burns out

Mechanically needled without binders                > 20PSI

Burning Grade


Incombustibility A

Non combustible                                          ASTM E 84/UL 723)                                    

Flame spread 0                                           Smoke Developed 0

Contraction Temperature of Hot Load Capacity


870  = 2.5% Shrinkage

600 = 0.0% Shrinkage


Thermal Conductivity Coefficient



37  0.036

Sound Absorption Coefficient


1.03 product reverberation deciding method 24kg/m3 2000HZ

AR 5126 Normal Sound Absorption Coefficient

0.81 2000HZ


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